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Our Story

The word “VIRAGO” comes from the Latin language, and means “woman who demonstrates heroic qualities“.

Through the opportunities of EACEA/12/2019, the VIRAGO project explores the specific role and status of European young women, as individuals and in communities, in leadership development processes and wider civic life participation in partner countries–Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Spain, and Turkey.

In the described context, a balanced partnership between public bodies and NGOs have been established.

Make an Incredible Learning Experience

International Community

The main aim of the VIRAGO project is to inspire young women from 5 EU Member states – Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Spain, and Romania as well as one EU Candidate country – Turkey, to take a more an important role in civic activities.

Local Trainings

Having a close relationship with experienced youth organizations and through the public debates and training, we create the inner sense of having the ownership on building bridges during the policy dialogue, which are based on tolerance, fair play, and sound partnership.

Online Groups & Discussions

Virtual meeting space for youth workers, mentors, and young people interested in civic activities.

Dedicated Forums

Whatever kind of group you belong to, whether it is a club, a youth group, a group of volunteers, or maybe a group of friends getting together regularly to share a common interest, it will be based on values. But often those values are held unconsciously, or else taken for granted and forgotten about.

Dedicated Groups

Groups that are clear about their values, where those values are aligned with their members’ values, and where people make a consistent effort to practice those values, will tend to produce a culture which is collaborative and resilient and where members are well motivated, happy and productive.

Online Communities

We are an international team!

International reach, Local impact

Culture. It’s trend. It’s lifestyle. It’s values. It encompasses everything from the way we speak to the music we enjoy, the clothes we wear, and the traditions we practice. The waves that ripple through culture provide an opportunity for brands to join the conversation and create movements.

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