“Gender equality is everyone’s responsibility”

“Dreams don’t have a gender.”

NGOs, as well as public bodies, are those entities in our society, which make ground for young women’s empowerment and guarantee their rights, thus building a solid foundation for girls’ personal and professional development. The focus is on increasing social awareness on gender equality and accepting women’s rights as an integral part of human rights; capacity building, increasing the levels of civil awareness, encouraging initiatives in that field; creating a female NGO network. 

Support for young women could manifest through protests against gender-based violence, through the implementation of artistic and feminist projects, as well as through the creation of a favorable environment of trust; supportive environment for single mothers; financing projects in the field of women’s rights etc. 

Understanding every girl and woman’s needs happens through projects and programmes of feminist and youth nature that build conditions for inclusion, training and development, such as the Virago project “Youth Agenda 2027 – Empowered Young Women for Sense of Active Citizenship and European Values”.

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