First Steps of women leaders in the Erasmus+ world

When you start your adventure with Erasmus + and you go to your first youth exchange project, you have a lot of questions, and at the same time, you are very curious how the whole mechanism really works.Some  young women from an early age show greater predispositions to be a leader, which is undoubtedly closely related to personal life experience and “innate predispositions”. Whereas, the rest of them lack a bit of courage to be more initiative. However, with a bit of goodwill and commitment, most of women have a chance to become a leader.

While going for youth exchange, regardless of whether it will take place in Romania or abroad, each group must have a leader – that is, a person who is at least 18 years old and will act as a representative of a given group on the international forum. The responsibilities of the group leader usually include: contacting the project coordinator with the support of the sending organization, helping his group in planning a trip to the project venue, supporting the youth exchange coordinator in ensuring safety in particular for his group and other groups participating in the exchange, preparation and presentation/organizing materials, games, games, workshops related to the project’s topic, motivating the participants of their group to actively participate in activities, workshops, games, and activities during the youth exchange, help in solving potential problems, sending the project coordinator the necessary documents to reimburse travel costs with support sending organization.

In addition to numerous duties as a leader, we will also find many advantages resulting from fulfilling this role. Undoubtedly, during the international youth exchange, there are optimal conditions to learn about one’s own predispositions and leadership competences in relations with other people and other cultures. Moreover, thanks to participation in the project, in addition to acquiring new knowledge on a given topic, you will improve your language skills, have a good time with people from different countries, break the communication barrier, and expand your worldview.

Remember, everyone started at some point, don’t be afraid of the challenges – being a female leader is not as scary and difficult as you think. Be brave, speak aloud about your rights, ideas, gender equality. It is possible!

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